Patrick Smith Landscape and Seascape Photography

This is a book about landscape photography.  However, it is not your average sort of book
containing tips about exposure time or composition.  Instead, this is an overview of the history of
landscape painting and what the old masters can teach the modern landscape photographer.

A great landscape painter can create images that connect directly with the heart and soul.  He or
she does not have to wait for perfect light or luck.  So, the masterpieces contained in this book
represent the ideal vision of the landscape.  Their perfection is probably impossible to attain with a
camera in the real world, but we can sure give it a good try!

Much of what I learned about how to photograph the landscape came by studying these paintings.
 So b
elow are some pages from the ePub version of the book on my iPad.  The small iPad pages on
the screen shots below make it look like there are over 600 pages, but in the full-sized PDF
version, there are just over 300 pages.  About half of the book is text, and half are photos of the

PDF eBook sells for only US $9.95.  It represents thousands of hours of research and work in
the field.
The iPad ePub format shown below is too restrictive for this sort of book with large
illustrations so I am not releasing it. PDF is better for large illustrations.
 If you have any
questions, contact me at patrick at patricksmithphotography dot com!
Learn landscape photography from the old masters of painting!
Someday, children will look at the simulated pages to the left and right of the text and ask; "What are
those lines for?"  And you will say; "Oh, those make the screen look like pages in a book that is printed
on paper."  And the child will ask; "Why do that?" or perhaps they will ask; "What is a 'printed' book?"

The PDF version is ready now, with an ePub version ready in August.  

There are issues with ePub books regarding big photos that make photo books difficult to format.  
When the iPad in landscape mode showing 2 pages at a time (as above), the pages are very small and
so are the photos.  In portrait mode (showing 1 page at a time), the pages are bigger and so are the
photos, but then you can't read as much text and see the photo on the adjacent page at the same
time.  This is a compromise that is difficult to resolve.

On the current version of the iPad, you can not pinch and expand a page, as you can on a web page.  
So the size of the original format is what the reader will get!

So, it seems like the best way to produce a photo book for the iPad is to make your photos large by
encouraging readers to view the book in portrait mode as below!  (Notice how there are only 415
pages in the book now.)
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